Specialty - Motorcycle, Boat, Rv

Boat Insurance

Often categorized as marine craft, you’d really miss your boat if something happened and you couldn’t use it for a whole season. And let’s face it, there are some inherent risks in water travel. There is insurance available to protect you from the financial impact of on-water accidents, and we’re just the agency to find you the right coverage.
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RV & Travel Trailer Ins.

We offer coverage for all of your recreational vehicle needs, campers, boats, trailers, and more. Let us design the coverage, and you take care of the fun.

Proud member of SIAA Insurance Choices

Please take a moment to review the insurance products we offer, and then contact Runnels Insurance at your convenience for a consultation with one of our courteous professionals. We look forward to serving you soon.

Motorcycle & ATV

Ride a bike? You’re probably passionate about it if you do. Can you imagine if you couldn’t ride it because your neighbor backed into it and HE wasn’t insured? Let us help you protect yourself against uninsured drivers and other potential hazards to bikers. Then you can get back on the road.